Jerry, Jack and Johnny: Which one are you?

OKAY, so I forced Christian to write our first blog post so at our last meeting we both agreed that we would rotate blogging duties. Which you would think would be no big deal since we are both creatives.

Well, I’ve got some bad news: Christian is the master (mistress?) writer here, I ’m just a Jerry.

What is a Jerry you are probably (not) asking? Well while it is a lovable character on Parks and Rec (also known as the purist show in existence), it also what I refer to myself in a lot of my passions.

This blog post still isn’t making sense? Welp that is what happens when you let Jerrys like me take the wheel for a bit.

The Johnathan Dictionary defines Jerry as this:

Jerry [Jair-ee] – (1.) A noun derivative of the phrase “Jury-Rigged” which refers to “a verb describing makeshift repairs made with only the tools and materials at hand”.

In layman’s terms, I consider myself a writer of sorts except I lack the formal training and mechanics that a normal writer would. Yet I’m okay with this.

I tend to be a Jerry in a lot of things, whether it be acting, working tech., directing, editing, graphic design and especially writing.

“But wait, Johnathan! It sounds like you are just describing a ‘Jack of all trades’ (someone who dabbles in a lot of things, but is a master of none) and trying to coin under a different name”.

Be quiet and stop interrupting me. A Jerry and a Jack are two different people. Jerrys WISH we were Jacks.

If I was a Jack I could just pick something and *boom* SKIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZ!!!! Suddenly, I’m a “master” or a “natural” or a (you guessed it) a “Jack of all Trades”. It doesn’t work that way for me, because that is not the Jerry way.

When I first began doing any of the things that I just listed, I had NO IDEA how to do any of them, and it showed, because well… I was awful at them. My first performance on stage was dry and cringe-worthy, the first time I worked lights it looked like a gritty CW superhero show (which isn’t the best desired effect for a children’s musical), my first video I produced looked like a bad “Blaire Witch” knockoff and the first “book” I ever tried to write was basically the plot setup of a bad Anime.

A true Jerry starts out with what skills or knowledge he (or she) currently has, and often that is nothing. A true Jerry’s first (and probably many after that) attempts is utter garbage. However, here is where being a Jerry starts to be fun, you start learning how to recycle that metaphorical garbage. Slowly and with a steep learning curb, but eventually you start gaining more tricks of the trade and eventually you become sufficient, then subpar, possibly adequate, maybe proficient, and then (hopefully) decent. Viola! You are now a Jerry!

Now, I know what you are thinking: Why is Christian letting a Jerry work with her to launch a Publishing Company?

First, how dare you discriminate against Jerry-kind like that!

Secondly, because next to every Jerry is a “Johnny on the Spot” (someone who knows what they’re doing and are there exactly when you need it done), that would be Christian. Johnnies are often mentors to us Jerry Riggers and are often the ones who have the patience and drive to deal with all the explosions and train wrecks that we cause/are because even though they put in the time and effort to earn that level of mastery it takes to be a Johnny on the Spot, they remember what the road was like to make it there. Plus, they realize the Jerrys are going down the same rough road, except they’re wearing a blindfold and riding a unicycle because well… they’re Jerrys.

Jerrys don’t have the same stable footing and foundation that the Johnnies worked so hard for with years of study and dedication, but they’re willing to help us Jerrys balance on that Unicycle and turn us towards the right direction a bit by providing insight and guidance.

As you can see Jerrys, Johnnies (even Jacks) all have their good attributes, and are essential when making up a good team. SO, as it approaches one in the morning, I leave you with this thought-provoking question?

Which one are you? A Jerry, Jack or Johnny.

P.S. Christian will be back next time with a post that actually makes sense.


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