Why Lazy Protagonist?

Johnathan asked me if I would write a blurb explaining why I chose the name Lazy Protagonist Publishing. I told him “sure” and then messaged back about 20 minutes later to say I didn’t think there was anything to the name. I just liked it and thought it was cool and it seemed to describe what I wanted to accomplish. So, then he asked if I could write a blog post explaining why I wanted to start this company, and I finally started to connect the dots.

To quote our mission, I want to “give a voice to creators and characters that don’t fit the mold”. I want to help bring books to life I would love to read, and characters who would have meant the world to me when I was a kid.


So why Lazy Protagonist?

If I had one defining characteristic in high school I’m somewhat ashamed to say that Lazy was it. With school I put just enough effort in to graduating and getting a GPA my mother wouldn’t want to murder me over and that’s about it. In college, it took me almost ten years to obtain a bachelor’s degree. I did have a couple of health bouts that required me to take time off but honestly, I didn’t get serious about getting a degree until I lost my scholarship and Pell Grant was suspended for a semester and I had to figure out how to pay for my classes, that’s what it took to get serious. By my last year at Florida State though, I managed to make the Dean’s List both semesters.

I’d still consider my a little Lazy but it’s no longer something I would call a defining characteristic, and that’s what I want with our characters. Characters who are allowed to start out lazy, or selfish, or entitled, or indecisive, etc., but who grow and learn and maybe by the end of the book or series, readers notice a new defining quality in their character.


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