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Abeyance, A Novel by C.L. Wigglesworth


Publication Date: March 2, 2019 | Young Adult Fantasy (Fiction)

Sixteen-year-old Charlie Adams is obsessed with supernatural romance novels. Unfortunately, when she discovers she’s a member of an ancient magical race of people, it’s not all the undead hot guys and shirtless werewolves she thought it would be. She’s got no powers, and instead of a broody vampire with abs of steel, she’s stuck with a cranky soothsayer intern who already has a girlfriend. She’s definitely, absolutely, without a doubt, not the chosen one. She’s read the books, seen the movies, it’s not possible. Chosen Ones are selfless and don’t use the hot new guy as a human shield in dodgeball. Most importantly, they have powers and Charlie’s a dud in the magic department. Too bad no one else got the memo. Chosen one or not, Charlie must team up with Daniel, the world’s crabbiest future-seeing intern to save herself and her memories.